Communications Relaunch, Addepar

Company: Addepar
Project: Communications Relaunch
Audience: The managers, owners and investors of complex, inter-generational financial portfolios

Silicon Valley software startup Addepar is currently disrupting portfolio management with a strikingly intuitive and future-forward platform. Modern portfolios span a dizzying number of assets, with different evaluation metrics used to gauge value. How does a manager find the composite worth of a portfolio that includes entities as diverse as real estate, stocks, paintings, and the Arabian horse that won the Kentucky Derby two years ago? Tricky problems demand sophisticated solutions.

Addepar disrupts decades-old approaches, integrating real-time feeds and inputs so that portfolios can automatically update, allowing decision making that isn’t based on month(s)-old analysis. The platform also allows managers to view and specialize data through complex-ownership structure dashboards that can address entire generation spans. This innovation heralds unprecedented transparency and data relevancy for optimized strategy. Really. It’s huge.

From Fall 2014 to late Winter 2015, I worked with Addepar’s marketing team to help express its values and features through an assortment of channels. With a very specific, educated, and savvy professional audience, I immersed myself in the field to learn the financial management community’s pain points and mindset. It was fun. The relaunch consisted of the following projects:

  • Website Relaunch
  • New Print Promotional Materials
  • New Customer Success Stories

All design by the wonderfully talented Craig Gephart and Ryan Smith.