Circa 7:30 PM Sundown Downtown & Short North. Above: barbed wire is the Kid Keeper of photographers.

4-FrameFlower copy

4-Frame Flower Gradients layered via Saturation.



LeVeque Tower HDR. Random overheard conversation: “I’m in downtown Columbus and am looking to photograph something interesting: oh look, there’s the LeVeque, posing like some architectural beauty pageant toddler who was never meant to be anywhere other than inside your shutter. It’s like the generic fallback girlfriend of all Columbus photographers.”






In grade school I’d sit in my friend’s hot tub throughout the night while a distant radio tower pattered out celestial Morse code. I used to think the structures were vaguely mysterious and magical because of their magnitude and unintelligible light casts, like urban lighthouses. As an adult I still think they’re interesting, if slightly less poetic.