Shortly after an internship at a rock magazine, I pitched my former boss written coverage of Lollapalooza. “I have writers, but I need a photog. Do you shoot?” he replied. I didn’t. But I said I did, and spent my life savings on a starter DSLR and a third-party zoom lens. Working at the design firm C&G Partners in New York City, I learned how colors, fonts and lines define brands, with Swiss designers Steff Geissbuhler and Craig Gephart teaching me visual theory and the value of clarity, both in camera and through Adobe Creative Suite.

Since that first white lie at Lollapalooza, I’ve photographed an array of concerts and art performances. I later ventured into food photography for UberEATS as well as select portrait and fashion work. My favorite shoots, hands down, have been for shelter animals at the Humane Society. Long exposure, low-light sessions are some of my favorites. Visit the gallery links directly below for a closer look.