Saintseneca, Way Yes, and Old Hundred are my three favorite bands that happen to live in the same city as me. They played together on April 19th  for Saintseneca’s album release party of Dark Arc, a rich, absorbing folk sucker punch that I’m fairly certain will end on many a best-of-the-year list come December. Here are pictures I shot of those three bands at the Wexner Center for the Arts.


Saintseneca_11 SaintSeneca_1 saintseneca_12 Saintseneca_3 saintseneca_5Saintseneca_2 Saintseneca_9 Saintseneca_14 saintseneca_7 Saintseneca_15 Saintsenecad_10 Saintseneca_4 Saintseneca_13



Way Yes

WayYes_3 WayYes_4 WayYes_6 WayYes_2 WayYes_5 WayYes_7



Old Hundred

OldHundred_3 OldHundred_4 OldHundred_5 OldHundred_6 OldHundred_2 OldHundred_1