I swear there’s a positive correlation between being beautiful and being a complete asshole. Puppies. Supermodels. Peacocks. Barry Manilow: all aesthetically pleasing, all completely insufferable, whether they’re urinating on your carpet or screwing over anonymous women named Mandy.

This goes double for butterflies. A few months ago I decided to photograph the annual butterfly exhibit at The Franklin Park Conservatory. Those jerks were not accommodating at all. These insects combine attention deficit disorder with a complete fudge you demeanor that could care less whether you want to immortalize their exotic beauty in a jpeg or not. You could almost hear them as they fluttered elegantly away…yeah, you’ll have to find a sick one of us or hell, I don’t know, someone who’s preggers to even get one of us in front of your lens for more than two seconds. Whatever butterflies. I jacked up the shutter speed and shot away.