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Hi There

Hi There

The love child of editorial, digital marketing, and caffeine. Also my parents, I guess.

My name's Sean. I used to work with magazines and animals, and then I accidentally got an MBA. Now I conjure words, pictures, digital esoterica, and business metrics. Oxford commas always.

Things I Do

  • Editorial & Content 89%

  • Digital Esoterica 84%

  • Photography 77%

  • Managing Chaos 86%

  • Hugs (I'm Working On It) 72%

On Sufjan Stevens, Walt Whitman, and the Unreliable Romanticism of the Midwest

March 23, 2015 Music, Photography, Ramble
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Sufjan Stevens contains multitudes: soft-spoken acoustic troubadour, electronic experimentalist, and esteemed costume tailor describe just a few of his.

With Apologies to The Spring Standards

December 29, 2014 Music, Photography
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One Winter morning last year, I received an email from Heather Robb of The Spring Standards, a Brooklyn.

Pictures: Diarrhea Planet, 11/12/14, Rumba Cafe

December 9, 2014 Music, Photography
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I don’t blog half as often as I should, but I would post tri-daily if I took pictures of.

The Most Intelligent Horror Movies of the Past 20 Years

November 2, 2014 Movies, Ramble
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I recently spent some time with comic book scribe Scott Snyder, discussing his new comic book Wytches and.

Visual Observations