Sean is a writer, photographer, editor, content strategist and digital marketer based out of Portland, OR. His early career began in the NYC trenches of magazine and web production, where he worked for publishers and websites including WebMD, Paste Magazine, and Stereogum. A decade and an MBA later, Sean served as communications director at international payment startup 2Checkout with consulting tenures at Silicon Valley software company Addepar and The Ohio State University. He’s the former comics, live music, and photography editor at Paste Magazine and a contributor to Playboy Magazine, The Atlantic, and NPR among other outlets. His first book, The Art of Over the Garden Wall, debuted in September of 2017 from Dark Horse Comics and he’s currently writing a novel set to publish in 2019. In 2018, Sean joined Image Comics as their brand manager. He recently picked up the Oxford comma after years of neglect, so apologies for any inconsistencies.

A Paste promotional comic illustrated by Julian Dassai featuring me and co-editor Frannie Jackson / Moderating a panel at New York Comic Con

He adores the following in no particular order: Neil Gaiman, Werckmeister Harmonies, Swiss design, Harvard Case Studies, ampersands, The Muppets, ’70s leather jackets, Craig Thompson, Gattaca, autumn, Nada Surf, The Book Thief, Double Fine Productions, and the way old paper smells.

Things I Do

  • Editorial & Content Strategy 90%

  • Digital Marketing 84%

  • Photography, Video & Design 80%

  • Managing Chaos 93%

  • Hugs (I'm Working on It) 72%

Friends & Collaborators

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