Sean M. Edgar


Hi There

Hi There

An editor and communications director, I love to write, design, strategize, and market things that make people look forward to tomorrow. I split my time between entertainment and innovation. Still on the fence about Oxford commas.

Things I Do

  • Editorial & Content 89%

  • Digital Marketing 84%

  • Photography, Video & Design 77%

  • Managing Chaos 86%

Photos: The Midnight Surrealism of Columbus, Ohio

September 22, 2017 Photography
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Later this month, my first book will be published—a non-fiction tome celebrating Cartoon Network’s Emmy-winning miniseries, Art of Over.

The Best Human Beings in Columbus, Ohio

August 25, 2017 Photography
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Roughly three months ago, I traveled approximately 2,500 miles from Columbus, Ohio to Portland, Oregon in a permanent.

Christmas 2016

November 26, 2016 Photography
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After Thanksgiving, I went to a nursery to pick up a Christmas Tree with my parents and dog,.

Editorial Detox #4: 5 Apps & Tools to Make Journalism an Almost-Sustainable Career

June 20, 2016 Digital, Writing
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Header image courtesy Tycho.  Freelance journalism is a numbers game on many, many levels. The more articles produced,.

Pictures: Little Green Cars

May 8, 2016 Music, Photography
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Faye O’Rourke was the last member of the Dublin folk quintet Little Green Cars that I photographed. I’d shot the rest of the.

Pictures: Roller Derby Skaters Are the New Valkyries

April 25, 2016 Photography
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Pictures shot at the Ohio Roller Girls vs. Ithaca League of Women Rollers match.